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Whatever You Wish to Create Is Now Possible at Pole Art Co.

At pole art events, we provide artists with a number of ways through which they can express themselves. For starters, we build large-scale pole stages for multiple artists to perform and feel at home. We also host events and source pole artists for bookings. So if you’re into real pole art, you know where to go. 

For those pole dancers that want more opportunities to be on the big stage, be it perform for a showcase or compete against your best run-through, we have something for you too. If you are based in Minnesota, in the Midwest, or from anywhere across the united states and are into pole dancing, what are you waiting for? Register for the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival or the US Pole Star Championship now!

Picture this: you spend years of your life perfecting the art of pole dancing. You go through various forms of dance training sessions, you have professionals teach you how to do it, and you spend months practicing and making sure you get it right. That sounds a lot like you, doesn’t it?

It’s all fun and games until you have no proper space to express or show off this hard work and training of yours. Why spend months trying to train for something and being good at it if you cannot share it? At Pole Art Co., we eliminate your worry about having a creative outlet to present your pole training and dancing. We host full-fledged, well-organized, once-in-a-lifetime sort of events that you will remember for years to come.

You can customize your own performance! Pick your own song, and take full control of the lighting and background video options. At Pole Art Co., you can customize to create your own unique routine!

Want Pole Art Events to help host your show? We can custom build our services to provide exactly what you need. By empowering artists and offering them an extraordinary platform where they can express their talent and training, we strive to build a community that lays strong on these foundations.

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